The Digital Campus – All student information and documents at your fingertips

Higher and further education institutions collect, process and provide access to a variety of student related information, data and documents.

How is information gathered?

Students provide information for many different purposes:

  • Over the counter as physical copies
  • Through a range of Web interfaces designed by the university
  • Directly into the web interfaces provided by the primary Student Information System (E.g.: Banner, etc)
  • By email
  • Over the phone.

Storing information in multiple silos – and legally?

Have you asked yourself this question: Is all this information held securely and in compliance with all UK data protection laws? Is the information accessible easily and conveniently administrators and case workers? When information is held in separate systems, switching between system slows the work activity down; data integrity suffers and the risk of data breached rises.

OnBase …

OnBase creates a comprehensive and secure digital record for your students, that begins with Admissions and builds until graduation. By leveraging data from the Student IS and CRM systems OnBase comprehensively serves all students needs from within a single system. OnBase provides a student self-service interface that allows them to update their information, re-print enrolment certificates, complete exam entries and allows a range of requests applications and bookings to be made electronically and online.

OnBase connects all of your systems and provides access to information, documents and workflows from within your core Information System!



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