The Benefits of a Managed Print Service

Outsourcing key elements of your business to experts can help iron out any efficiencies in your workflow. This is particularly true when it comes to printing.

Most businesses have printing requirements, but a large proportion of them will concede that this is done inefficiently. And this has very real consequences, like the thousands of pounds of unnecessary ink and the mounds of wasted paper.

Plenty of businesses, therefore, opt for a managed print service. As Print Management experts, Betasoft has significant experience in this field, which is why we want to explore some of the key benefits of managed print services in this blog.


Reliability & Expertise

A good MPS will provide a top-level, birds-eye view of your printing requirements, and how your business can optimise these processes. Furthermore, a managed print service often explores the various solutions that may or may not be suitable for this situation, as there are always software and hardware options that your business may not be aware of.


Reducing Costs

The most immediate impact of a managed print service is usually related to cost. Some research estimates that printing and producing documents can cost businesses nearly 3% of their total revenue.

Eliminating unnecessary or excessive printing can help reduce this cost. This can be done by setting up replicable print management systems, and certain rules and conditions that can allow you to control the amount each user can print, along with how they print (colour, double-sided, etc). For example, by utilising higher quality draft and eco-printing options, you could save around half of your ink when compared with standard settings. Obviously, this depends on the final use of these documents, but when it comes to internal use, this usually shouldn’t be a problem.

Most businesses are ‘t even aware of how much printing costs them, which is why we always focus on this during our initial print assessment. Our MPS services also come with a wide variety of different all-inclusive packages, which can also help you control costs.


Optimise & Maximise Efficiency

Getting an external organisation to assess your print efficiency also enables you to address any blind spots or productivity issues that you have not be aware of. This may be more pervasive than you might think, as employees are often the greatest source of print wastage.

Crucially, a good Managed Print Service will start by identifying all the areas that affect your print costs. Only then will different hardware improvements or software packages be looked at, as we will be able to assess the full scope of your printing needs and whether your current print fleet actually reflects these requirements.

These improvements can allow you to reduce the amount of wasted paper, which can save up to 20% of print output, most of which is left at print devices, or duplicate content, which will end up in the recycling bin.


Frees up your own IT team

In many businesses, it is the IT team that is charged with managing print efficiency. This, however, may not be a great use of their time, especially since they may not be as well versed in print management issues as they need to be.

By outsourcing the work to real print experts, it allows them to liaise with the IT department to ensure that the right solutions and practices are implemented.


Minimise Downtime

If a printer is down, it costs time and money to get it up and running again. This can be incredibly frustrating for employees, as they often do the bulk of business printing.

Our Managed Print Services comes with several different service options:

  • Vendor Maintenance (48-hour response SLA)
  • Standard Support (4-hour response SLA)
  • Enhanced Support (2-hour response SLA)


Security & Safety

The UK Government reports that nearly 50% of UK firms were hit by a cyber breach or attack in 2017. Document security is therefore critical, especially when printing sensitive information. Our managed print service will help your business identify areas that could cause pose risks.

Simple security measures, like password encryption, using printer ID’s, and preventing certain documents from being printed can have a big impact. This is especially relevant for sectors that deal with a lot of personal or client data, as regulatory compliance legislation is becoming more and more sophisticated and demanding.


Sustainability and Environmental Impact

Minimising the amount and the way you print can also allow you to become a more sustainable business. This helps to boost your green credentials, which is becoming a more important factor in consumer decision making.

Moving to a cloud-based system can also help with this, but there are plenty of other small things you could do to reduce both your impact and your printing costs. As we mentioned before, restricting the use of colour printing, one-sided printing, or implementing pull printing can help reduce wastage. More importantly, it will help foster a more proactive and sustainable mentality amongst your employees.


Up to date software & features

Keeping up with the latest software and hardware trends can be difficult, but it is the job of any MPS provider to keep their eye on important developments. This can include firmware updates, security implementation, or any other improvements your organisation may not have thought of.


Peace of mind

Lastly, a good MPS provider can provide you with peace of mind. You’ll be able to focus on your key business operations without having to worry about the operational efficiency of your printers.

To find out more about our MPS services, please visit our print management page to have a look at the service packages we currently offer.

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