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A collection of modern SharePoint Online pre-configured templates which seamlessly flow together for business process workflows and a consistent look / navigation, or can work fully independently.  Each portal templates core functionality is extendable through modular extensions.

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General Features

Device Agnostic: Access documents and business systems using responsive modern interface on desktop, tablet, and mobiles.
1TB Storage: Data held with an organisations own Office 365 SharePoint Online repository.  Included in most Office 365 standard plans or can be purchased standalone.
Future-proofed: SharePoint Online is a core platform behind most Office 365 services.  All templates use Microsoft recommended extensions of SharePoint Online.
No Limits: All templates highly customisable with no usage limits.  Internal uses require standard Office 365 licenses.  External users generally require no license depending on needs.
Feature Rich: Document management features as standard include creation of retention policies, workflows, version control, full history on all records and documents, user and group permissions.
Unique Add-ons: client device options available such as Outlook integration, desktop integration.  SharePoint workflow extensions such as PDF conversion, email alert rules, 3rd party integration.