Use our SharePoint Templates to transform the interfaces of your SharePoint Data

Future Proofing Starts Today

The strength of our modern SharePoint templates lies in their flexibility and configurability. Not only are these templates your access point to the SharePortals advanced workflow systems, but they also serve as an entry point for any organisation seeking to get started with building an initial modern SharePoint structure.

Our SharePoint templates take the existing infrastructure & Office 365 licensing already present within your businesses and expands on it, adding key customisable building blocks that allow you to future proof your business processes.  Some of the standard configurable features on landing pages are:

  • News & Featured
  • Events & Featured
  • Organisation & Team Calendars
  • Employee Search
  • Social Media Integration
  • Document Repository Links

We are now offering our SharePoint Intranet Portal for free (RRP £995) when you sign up for our other modern site templates, like the Personal Portal, Department Portal, and Extranet Portal. As a first step to moving to SharePoint document management & collaboration, these templates provide you with all the initial functionality your business needs to get started with SharePoint.