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SharePoint Migration Services

Betasoft can accommodate your business needs regardless of your current engagement or experience level with SharePoint. Whether you’re just starting out with a simple SharePoint Document Management System, or require a widescale implementation of our SharePortal Suite, we can assist you no matter what stage you find yourself in. We understand that you probably aren’t just looking for one type of service, which is why we offer a wide variety of different SharePoint Migration Services to suit your business needs. Below is a list of the four most common forms of our SharePoint Migration Service, each representing a different situation and implementation scale:

Implement SharePoint From Scratch

  • You don’t use SharePoint yet
  • We can help identify the functionality you need
  • Aligns your current systems and processes with your cloud system
  • SharePoint Online training courses available
  • Customisation packages for SharePoint sites e.g branding
  • Full migration available from other Document Management Systems

Document Management & Collaboration

  • You do use SharePoint already, but not for documents or collaboration yet
  • SharePoint ‘SharePortals’ Modern site templates preconfigured for various scenarios
  • Add value to your current solution by introducing document management functionality 
  • Integration with external systems including Outlook, email and desktop capture, and more

Refine Existing SharePoint Setup

  • You do use SharePoint for both documents & collaboration, but you need to change something and need help
  • Address challenges that arise as your organisation grows 
  • Customise your solution to your current needs
  • Future-proof your business processes

Advanced Capabilities (SharePortals)

  • SharePoint is configured, but you’re interested in its advanced capabilities and want to replace a LOB system
  • Development of relevant SharePortals
  • First release testing on all portal templates
  • Development of SharePoint add-ins and web parts, now exclusively within Modern pages
  • New template updates provided with scripted instructions for production systems

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