SafeCom is a well-established, robust and scalable intelligent print management solution. SafeCom is now classed by Kofax as a Legacy Product.



Every organisations needs to simplify document workflows and reduce print costs, while mitigating security and compliance risks. With the increasing costs and vulnerability of printed documents, businesses require a secure and flexible print management environment.

Kofax SafeCom streamlines the print management process, reducing costs and enabling greater control of the printing operations through a consolidated solution. With Kofax SafeCom, a distributed workforce will print more efficiently. SafeCom secures sensitive print data.

Note: For current users of SafeCom Print Management software there is a cost-efficient upgrade path to ControlSuite Equitrac. Call for more details. 



SafeCom Core Capabilities

Secure Print Release

SafeCom temporarily holds all print jobs either on the user’s computer or the central server and releases them where and when the user authenticates at a SafeCom-enabled device and selects release of the job. Secure print release – versus traditional push print – can achieve significant savings from reductions in print waste.

SafeCom Tracking

Every job a users has authenticated for is tracked. Whether pull-print, push-print, copy or scan – if the device is capable of tracking it – SafeCom track it. In addition SafeCom tracks deleted and expired jobs enabling the tracking and reporting of savings.


SafeCom Pre-Pay functionality allows organisations, such as universities and colleges to charge their students for their use of the print and copy services. Those users top up their SafeCom accounts before being able to print or copy and there are a variety of pre-payment facilities available.

Rule-based Print

SafeCom Rule-based Print (RBP) allows organisations to implement print rules that enforce their stated print policies. This can reduce costs and lessen the impact on the environment. The RBP functionality is rich with rules tied to AD user groups.

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SafeCom in Action

Frequently Asked Questions

SafeCom is designed from the ground up to be highly scalable across offices, countries and continents. SafeCom Slave Servers can operate entirely independently, even while disconnected from the Master Server. In the event of a network outage, synchronisation of critical data can be suspended until the connection to the Master server is restored. There is no limit to the number of save servers a SafeCom solution can accommodate.

SafeCom supports server-less printing for those smaller offices that cannot accommodate a dedicated SafeCom Slave and Print server. In those cases the print jobs are held on the user’s computer – using a small print-client – until release at a device is requested. For secure print release to function, minimal bandwidth between the print-client and SafeCom Master Server is required. In situations when this is not available the user will be given the choice to direct-print to the most recently used output device, with tracking information held locally until server connectivity is restored.

A basic SafeCom solution can be deployed in as little as half-an hour. SafeCom encrypts and stores pull-print jobs in a secure folder location until release. There is no requirement to install a Windows release queue for each output device.