Regulatory Compliance Solutions

With over a decade of experience in print management and enterprise data workflow solutions, we have a firm background in supplying businesses with the right management software. Our portfolio of innovative Regulatory Compliance Software includes a Suite of Office 365 SharePoint Applications that focus on policy management, document control, and information management. By working with industry leading Universities, we have developed software solutions that address all the constantly evolving needs of our diverse clients.

Find out how our solutions allow you to get more out of Office 365 & SharePoint.

Contract Management

Contract Management system enables organisations to manage the lifecycle of all contracts across multiple divisions and departments. It allows you to:

  • Create new contracts based on templates.
  • Request draft approval or external approval.
  • Provide on-going management once contracts are approved

Policy Management

Policy Management Software enables organisations to manage the lifecycle of all policies. The system allows users to:

  • Create new policies based on templates.
  • Seek approval for policies.
  • Publish policies.
  • Receive acknowledgement from other licensed users.

CRM & Project Management

From start to finish, our SharePoint Project Management Software enables you to create, complete, manage, and archive all your most important projects in the most efficient manner possible.

  • Provision basic or complex projects
  • Create relevant tasks
  • Control over the entire project management process
Kofax ControlSuite