SharePoint Project Management Software

Our SharePoint Project Management System allows you to provision basic or complex projects, create relevant tasks, and manage and control the entire project management process. It includes useful features like project document storage, project goals, task lists, project risks, calendars, external contacts, a discussion board and a Power BI dashboard for managing projects and reporting purposes.

From start to finish, our SharePoint Project Management Software enables you to create, complete, manage, and archive all your most important projects in the most efficient manner possible. Get in touch with one of our experts to discuss how our project management software could work for your business.

Looking for a Project Management System?

Intelligent Project Management System

Our dashboard allows you to assign a technical manager, an estimated completion date, and the overall completion progress, all of which will update in real-time as you commence work on the project. Project management should never be an afterthought, which is why our software irons out your workflow when it comes to planning, completing, analysing, and managing your projects. In addition to these integrated sections, our SharePoint Project Management System is also compatible with Power Apps, which will allow you to make timesheet entries, like adding in overtime requests and extra labour days, all from your mobile device.

Project Management System Process by Betasoft Solutions

How does our Project Management System work?

Starting your project is as simple as possible, as our friendly user interface will allow you to set your project goals, liaise with external contacts if necessary, and collate member input in the interactive discussion board. You can then plan your project in the next part of our project management template. Set your project tasks, which you can assign to different project members You can also identify project risks and, as with the previous template, it allows you to engage with other members in a discussion board. Once you begin to work on your project, you can continue to manage and complete ongoing tasks as the project progresses.

The ‘Work’ section of our Project Management System will show all your project tasks, whereas all work provides an overview of all tasks pertaining to that project. It also includes a useful work time tracker that allows you to enter and keep track of all the time you spend on project related activities, or any ad hoc work. Each project manager can control the project by accessing the ‘Control’ section of the project template, which includes a calendar, a list of potential project issues, and project status reports. Before completion, members will also have the opportunity to submit feedback about the project, which can be used to improve future projects and workflows.

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SharePoint Project Management System Features

Advanced Project Tracking

Use Gantt charts to carefully control project milestones, and timesheet submissions to track time spent by project resources on each activity. 


Powerful dashboards which can be enhanced using Power BI to create stunning visuals.  Track overdue activities, risks, costs, or any other metrics desired.  

Easy Digital Capture

Use our email capture tool to tag specific emails or other Office 365 services like PowerApps to capture or retrieve data on the move.  

Document Management

Create pre-defined document templates to control how documents are created depending on the type of project, and define retention policies using workflow rules.

System Integration

Integrate with other SharePortals systems such as the CRM portal to automatically provision new projects, and use account & contact data from the CRM to allow a single source of information management.  


Work on active projects using capabilities within Teams for instant communication, connectors, and guest access.  Use the Projects Portal for further control of projects not found within Teams, and as a final resting place for project data.

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