Securely store, protect and destroy your content.

What is OnBase Store?

OnBase minimizes risk and supports compliance by securely storing, protecting and destroying your information in accordance with applicable regulations – without needing to purchase additional third-party software or hardware.

By consolidating all of your important content into one system, OnBase solves the problems associated with managing content across a variety of databases, systems and physical storage locations.

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Before OnBase, our DR plan was to back everything up on tape and keep one copy of the tape in the vault at our main location and a second in storage about five miles away. With OnBase managing our DR, I don’t worry about anything.

Sarah Lawson, IT specialist, Alcoa Tenn Federal Credit Union

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Via powerful encryption, OnBase secures your important data when it’s at rest, in motion and being accessed – supporting standards like PCI and DSS compliance. By working with your existing NT or LDAP authentication protocols, OnBase simplifies administration of your security policies while providing granular control over exactly who can access information and what they can do with it.


OnBase protects your information by creating multiple electronic copies of each document on servers across different locations. Should the main file server become inoperable, OnBase automatically switches over to the next server in line, allowing continuous access. OnBase Cloud users benefit from having up to three duplicate copies of data in datacenters across multiple geographical locations for maximum business continuity.

Retain & Destroy

OnBase simplifies the implementation of retention plans and policies. When content is ready for disposition, OnBase sends it for review or automatically destroys it according to your requirements.

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