Eliminate manual data entry and improve transactional efficiency

Whats is Brainware?

Brainware Intelligent Capture accurately sorts paper and electronic documents and seamlessly passes content to your core business applications. This allows you to more efficiently process documents, even different file types, in different languages, across different departments. And with no templates to build, it’s the fastest and most accurate way to capture content on the front end and deliver it wherever you need it.

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With Brainware Intelligent Capture you’ll

Speed up invoicing

Speed invoice processing from days or weeks to hours through AP automation

Accounts Receivable

Reconcile remittances in seconds instead of hours or days in accounts receivable.

Extract Data

Automatically extract data from business and personal checks.

Process automatically

Extract much of the data needed to process mail automatically.

Accelerate Processing

Accelerate higher education transcript processing


Apply automation benefits to other departments, such as human resources

Transform the time-intensive task of manually processing documents

Transform the time-intensive task of manually processing documents into a fast and effective automated routine with Brainware Intelligent Capture. Hyland’s industry leading data extraction software pulls key information directly from paper and electronic documents faster and more accurately than other technologies, without requiring templates, anchors, keywords or zones. Brainware Intelligent Capture forms a complete document processing system that combines automatic document classification, extraction, and validation, as well as archiving and uploading of data into many enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. This advanced, intelligent capture technology enhances the accuracy and speed of any process that requires more than the standard character and form recognition of traditional OCR—all in a comprehensive package that delivers results from day one.


Accounts Payable invoices


Accounts Payable invoices are easily captured directly into OnBase, from anywhere they arrive in the organization. They are routed and queued for processing by a centralized processor, without further regard for layout or configuration. Many invoices will proceed automatically for payment processing, or approval, as required. Only discrepant or incomplete invoices need to be reviewed or manually processed.



Transcripts are imported from a student portal, where they can be processed automatically in and OnBase Capture Process, making course content available more quickly, to speed up the student acceptance and enrollment process. – Check Remittance documents are processed, extracting and verifying data for upload to the A/R cash receipts process for posting; reducing the time required to post daily remittance activity.

HR Documents


HR Documents can be indexed automatically, following configuration and engine training on the required forms. Once training is complete, documents are scanned and proceed into the Brainware runtime processor for automatic classification and indexing. Users only need to review or correct missing or non-confident values, as determined by the processing engine.



Lending documents and packages are consistently captured, classified, sorted and validated; reducing processing time and allowing lenders and servicers to close loans faster, lower cost per loan, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Key Features

Learning-based processing engines

Learning-based processing engines can be configured for classification and data extraction

Engines learn more about documents

Engines learn more about documents as users perform verification

Perform verification and correction

Perform verification and correction with automatic zoom-to-field

Export to any repository

Export to any repository including import and export to OnBase Capture Processes

Supports Multiple ERP Systems

Supports Multiple ERP Systems for importing vendor data from different organizational or business units in the enterprise.

Brainware versus OnBase

Where Brainware is the intelligent document classification and data extraction engine in your content solution, OnBase is the content services platform that brings together all the components that make up the complete content service.


Bring documents in from a variety of sources.


Engage the Brainware engine.


Store and manage the converted documents and data.


Define and implement business processes around those documents and data.


Provide multi-format and multi-platform access to documents and data.


Manage retention of documents and data.


Report in detail about all our business critical processes and interactions.

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