Print Queue Deployment to Unmanaged Devices in the Enterprise

Increasing numbers of enterprise-scale organisations have to cope with users of unmanaged computing devices. These can be Apple Mac’s as well users’ personal Windows computers. In order to allow those devices to print into a managed print solution, with pull print security, etc, users currently have to manually download drivers to their computer and then follow often longwinded instructions to install a local print queue leading to IT Helpdesk tickets as well as difficulties with secure print release, such as correct tracking and auditing.

Betasoft are working on a solution which automates the process of connecting those unmanaged machines to the organisations print management solution. The aim is to dramatically simplify and automate the process of queue deployment and in the process ensuring the correct drivers, settings and credentials are used.

This development is in a early stage and we would like to hear from customers who have such requirements (e.g. users of now unsupported IPP software and others) about their thoughts and potential requirements.


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