Betasoft Print Queue Deployment Tool

Large organisations that have deployed secure print software and perhaps mobile print add-ons will often encounter some or all of the following issues:

  1. MacOS device users don’t authenticate against Active Directory, only locally.
  2. Guest or staff users using their own, personal laptops have no appropriate means to print into the secure print solution.
  3. Self-service installation of print queues by Mac or BYOD users for follow-me, pull-print services or tracked push printers allows users to select untested drivers that produce incorrect and unpredictable tracking results.
  4. Traditional print queue deployment systems leave the onus on deciding which physical printer to relate to which desktop computer to the system administrator.

To overcome those challenges Betasoft has built a queue deployment assistant for all users of either MacOS or personal devices, unauthenticated personal computers.


This utility requires the user only to authenticate and then to locate the physical print device they wish to use. Everything else is taken care of – in particular, the selection of the correct printer driver.

Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Where organisations have deployed large numbers of push printers our utility can be customised to assist the user with finding their nearest device by using geographic information regarding their site, building, floor and even office. See Figure 3.
  • The software will use the version of your operating system and the printer model you selected to deploy a printer driver that is tested with your secure print solution, the selected model and our particular setup and build an installation package.
  • All that is left to do now is to run the package and then find the new printer in your list of installed queues.


In detail the process works as follows:

A)  On Mac OS:

  1. The user visits the Queue Deployment Webpage
  2. Then the user provides their organisation’s network credentials
  3. Next, the user is taken to ta screen to select from a list of customisable geographic location criteria to narrow down the list of available printers. The process of locating the printer might vary from organisation to organisation.
  4. Selecting the required printer and then ‘Next’ downloads the correct printer installation package, which once executed installs the correct print queue

B) On Windows

  1. The user downloads and installs the print deployment utility
  2. The interfaces thereafter are identical.
  3. Upon completion of the process, the installed utility will create the local printer

Figure 1: Welcome screen

Figure 2: User Authentication screen

Figure 3: Locate and select the printer


Betasoft Print Queue Deployment Tool – Highlights

  1. This tool is an add-on to Safecom, for dealing with large scale queue deployment.
  2. It allows searching for a print device based on locale, and system control for the organisation to deploy the correct driver and driver defaults. Such as colour/mono and simplex/duplex.
  3. At Betasoft we can also create a package which is deployable for MAC as part of this. This can allow JAMF queue deployment in scenarios where it is possible, and feasible to display MAC queues.

If you would like to find out more about the Print Queue Deployment Tool, you can contact us here and see how we can help your business today. Otherwise, if you have any other questions regarding print management services chat with one of our experts here.

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