PowerApps New Features Winter 20/21

A quick rundown on recent feature additions to PowerApps

1. Enhanced Search Experience for Model-Driven Apps on Mobile: 

  • New search experience based on relevance search is now also available on mobile
  • Added discoverable search, zero query results and suggested results as you start to type
  • Filtering capabilities on search results rounds out the new experience

2. Edit in Excel for Dataverse for Teams

  • Move data into Excel and edit it, but also to add or change data and publish it back into Dataverse for Teams.

3. Enhanced Component Properties

  • An experimental features for formula based components: Behaviour properties enable a component to fire a custom event into its container, such as OnChange. Property parameters enable the passing of arguments for a property evaluation

4. Model-Driven apps now support receiving push notifications

  • A new push notification connector now enables PowerAutomate to send push notifications to model-driven apps. Now users can be send directly to a particular section in your app or page.
  • There are hundreds of pre-built connectors to trigger and provide dynamic data to push notifications for apps.

5. Canvas Apps become more responsive with new layout containers

  • Preview of the horizontal container and vertical container layout controls that help automatically reflow and resize controls within them to enable easy, no expression responsive layouts in canvas apps.
  • Available in mainline and Teams authoring experiences.

6. New Dataflow features in Power Apps

  • New Power Query & Dataflows features in Power Apps, enabling users to seamlessly bring their data into the Common Data Service

7. Email usability enhancements

  • Improved rich text email experience with inline-image capability across the platform
  • Enhanced Email template builder
  • New features in the email template builder
  • Better email signatures
  • Better functionality around attachments, in particular multiple file management
  • Preview for images and PDFs
  • New and existing emails can now use the popup contextual email experience
  • Email-specific actions allow you to reply, reply all, forward, and open emails


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