Policy Management Sharepoint Software for Office 365

This SharePoint Policy Management Software enables organisations to manage the lifecycle of all policies. The system allows users to:

  • Create new policies based on templates.
  • Seek approval for policies.
  • Publish policies.
  • Receive acknowledgement from other licensed users.

Getting started with our Sharepoint Policy Management System is as easy as selecting a policy definition, which determines who will approve the policy. When the draft is submitted, the policy document will appear in a list of pending approvals. The approver will receive an email notification with actions to review without the need to log in to the portal. Alternatively, they can log in to review all pending approvals assigned. Once a policy is approved, it will appear in the published policy library, and a review date assigned based on the policy definition type. System users will then be able to publish the policy externally.

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Policy Management SharePoint

Making Life Easier For Policy Managers

Policy managers can also initiate requests against any Office 365 user by utilising the acknowledgement interface, which displays all active published policies. Users will then receive a task to acknowledge the policy, with identical interfaces to those found in policy approval task management.

Policy Management Sharepoint Software for Office 365

Our Policy Management Software is built within the Office 365 Cloud, allowing you to interface and integrate with any Microsoft applications as required. Unlike other Policy Management Systems, it is not closed and limited. Instead, it constantly adapts to fulfil your individual needs and grows with your business, providing you with a sustainable platform for Policy Management.

Additionally, our policy management system utilises a Power BI dashboard which is pre-built to surface standard system-related information, which can be further customised by Power BI knowledge workers. The Policy Management dashboard shows all the main function within the SharePortals Policy Management System, providing you with top-level awareness and visibility over all your policy documents.

Policy Management SharePoint

Policy Management Software Features

Policy Templates

Templates can be used to standardise the creation of new policies easily and efficiently.

Site Templates

Organisations can have multiple isolated & secure areas for managing policies, whilst maintaining consistency

Approval Reviews

Workflows can be applied to policy definitions which relate to users and groups, allowing the simple modification of workflows

Acknowledgement Review Cycles

Certain users and groups can receive an audited acknowledgement of a new or updated policy.

Policy Reviews

Notifies a published policy owner when a contract is due for review or expired.

Power BI Dashboard

Allows customisation of pre-built reports which track the status of policies & tasks.

Email Notifications

Notifications for any user tasks, policy reviews, and tasks reminders.

Public Access Workflow

Transfer a copy of an approved policy if marked for public access each time it is updated.

Customer Support

Support and training available from our experts.

Policy Management SharePoint