Output Manager Features

Output Manager enables organisations with the confidence that all business-critical document and ata are routed to the right location, in the most efficient manner, through a variety of print release, authentication and authorisation functions. Developed with numerous rule-based functions, this unique solution helps organisations’ save money and time on all printing output by providing a wide array of control that can protect important and sensitive information, while boosting productivity.

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Output Manager

Why Output Manager

  • Print securely by restricting release of non-compliant jobs through the setup of pre-defined workflows
  • Scalable for any size organisation
  • Advanced security features to ensure organisations’ are aligned with compliance policies and redaction
  • Reduces automation times
  • Enable centralised print management and control by establishing costs per department or individuals for entire print activity
  • Rules-based functionality to scan and print documents on a specific string of characters
  • Enhanced management of IT print infrastructure and reduction in help desk requests and required maintenance

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