Physical Records Management with OnBase

The OnBase Physical Records Management (PRM) module enables organisations to track, locate and access physical records electronically within OnBase. Physical records are managed alongside electronic documents and records, using OnBase as the single interface, regardless of record location or format.

Download Brochure Here: PhysicalRecordsManagement

  • Provide centralized management of physical records alongside electronic records in a single system
  • Enforce uniform records policies across both physical storage facilities and electronic repositories
  • Extend compliance initiatives into physical record business practices
  • Rapidly discover and locate physical record information as it relates to electronic content
  • Track the chain of custody thru an auditable access history and accountability for physical records


From a single OnBase interface (Document Retrieval, Custom Queries or Folders, etc.), electronic documents and related physical record locators are presented and accessed in one cohesive view.

Key Features
  • Configurable record locator provides up to five layers of classification, scalable to large complex facilities.
  • Granular security permissions to access, request, manage and create physical records.
  • Physical Record Import Processor quickly creates and indexes physical record locators into OnBase for large, legacy volumes.
  • Administrative View displays all current checkouts, pending requests and copy requests.
  • Bar code logic can be used to check-in or checkout physical records.


Sample screens


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