SafeCom Web Interface Extensions

Betasoft have – in partnership with Imperial College London – developed a number of add-ons to the SafeCom Web Interface.

The university required an online facility for student users to securely transfer SafeCom credits from their account to that of another (Cash Transfer).

In addition, they required a facility for users to email to themselves a list of recent transactions as well as print and copy jobs (Transactions and print jobs). Transactions are pay-ins or deductions for output. The data can be emailed in PDF or CSV format.



Imperial College
ICT Printservice








Imperial Collecge


Imperial College










Previously, students had to contact the helpdesk to obtain information about their financial transactions or to transfer credits to other users. In particular, foreign students require transaction information to obtain refunds in their home countries.

In addition, the Cash Transfer feature could be used to pay library fines.

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