OpenForms 360 Features

OpenForms 360 can be used to automate processes for business documents and forms that are within a structured, semi-structured and unstructured format. Built as an add-on for Nuance Autostore, OpenForms 360 enables you to process document and form information in a fast manner, without the need for manually entering data. With the use of digital workflows and increase in improved data quality, aids a reduction in compliance risk.

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Why OpenForms 360

  • Processes structured, semi-structured and unstructured formats of document content
  • Use automation to identify, classify, extract, authenticate and route appropriately the data within documents
  • Document classification procedures that include Adaptive, Rule-Based and Preset Values classification
  • Numerous data extraction methods that include barcode, hand-written, patch code, optical mark recognition, adaptive reading and much more
  • Reduction in the overall number of print queues required for printers
OpenForms 360