Configure and easily deploy automated and intelligent paper-to-digital transformation processes using OpenForms 360 and AutoStore.


Organisations receive 1,000s of documents per day in paper and electronic formats. These need to be processed and stored in the relevant Business System as quickly as possible. In many organisations this is can be a very time consuming and manual process.

OpenForms 360 and AutoStore enable those organisations to entirely automate the conversion of those paper and electronic documents into text-searchable electronic files and automatically classify and index them using an highly intelligent capture engine.

AutoStore routes the resulting documents and their meta-data to a vast range of destinations and repositories.

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Document Classification and Data Extraction

1. Separation

Splitting a batch of images into the individual multi-page documents.

2. Classification

Identification of the document type – Purchase Order, Invoice, Contract or an application form for example.

3. Extraction

Searching for and extracting the relevant business data from the document.

4. Interpretation

Enhancing the extracted data with context relevant information.

Supported Document Types

Structured Documents

Typically these are forms with fixed locations for each piece of data.

Semi-Structured Documents

Typical business documents are semi-structured.  Purchase orders, delivery notes, invoices etc. follow some general layout patterns so that rules can be defined concerning where to look for certain pieces of information.  However unlike forms, there is no defined static region for each piece of data.

Unstructured Documents

In many business environments, correspondence follows no standardised pattern.  This is a typical example for unstructured documents.  Only the syntax of the information and the semantic pattern can guide the search for information.