Manage cases, incidents and much else using a scalable and content-enabled web platform that gives you full control over your content and related documents.


Are you struggling to find that CRM or case-management system that works just the way you want it to? A system that gives you full control over your data and documents?
Do you use local spreadsheets, outdated Access databases or web-based SaaS solutions to manage cases, incidents, complex transactions or sales opportunities?

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Betasoft CRM and Case Management Solutions

Betasoft case management solutions empower your workers to effectively manage cases, incidents or projects and make better decisions and handle high-value exceptions.

Our tools allow you to manage all information, communications and documents relating to a case and provide your users with all the tools they need – whether they’re resolving an issue, handling a sales opportunity, managing a case, claim or a complex transaction.

Do you require more customisation options and increased control over your data and documents to be better compliant with current data protection legislation?


Each tracked entity, whether an account, transaction, project, case, incident involves emails, calls, documents and tasks that require organisation and easy access.

Many off-the shelf solutions are SaaS, easy to subscribe to and offer a wealth of features. However, those tend to be focussed on sales activities and manage entities such Account, Contact, Lead and Opportunity. These solutions cannot be customised significantly to accommodate other use cases, and, by design, their users, data and related documents are held on the providers’ cloud servers and are therefore hard to manage and control by administrators.

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Scales to any size solution, with the ability to create business applications that range from departmental to enterprise-wide.

Natively integrated with the OnBase product suite and able to leverage all enterprise-class content management capabilities.

Maximizes knowledge worker productivity reducing the need to search for information across multiple data sources and silos.

Enables creation of high-value, low cost, rapidly deployable solutions without custom application programming.

Provides a consolidated, 360° view of “the case” including all data records, related documents and processes.


Service Request Management


Employee Onboarding, IT Projects, Contract Management and Permitting Applications, are just some examples of the types of service requests that need to be managed by knowledge workers. From the moment cases are assigned, they require a multitude of tasks and activities until they are completed or fulfilled. Use Betasoft expertise and tools to access and control all of the information in one place, enabling easier accessibility and faster decision making.

Incident/Issue Resolution


Betasoft solutions can be used to document and manage all the interactions and discrepancies that occur in the life of any typical business process. Eliminate the need for a user to search for information across disparate data sources in order to resolve Help Desk Tickets, Collections Disputes, Service Complaints or Quality Management Issues. This helps provide visibility of all of the information—and a complete history of related issues—in one unified view.

Investigative Case Management


From Recruitment to Loan Underwriting to Audit Requests, the unpredictable processes tackled by case workers are many. From a single interface, case workers can drive these processes and all related activities, including documenting progress, delegating tasks, scheduling appointments, and more. Workers’ knowledge and a complete history of all activities are captured as each case moves through the process, and can be applied to better manage future cases.

Technology Options

SharePortals CRM, which is built on top of Microsoft SharePoint as an Add-in


  • Affordable SaaS model suited to SMB
  • Cloud-based, SaaS offering that is easy to deploy
  • User interfaces to meet modern demands
  • All surfaced data and documents are stored in your SharePoint site using lists and document libraries; accessible and manageable by your Office 365 Administrators
  • All users are managed within your Office 365 Tennent. No separate user lists with import/export/synchronisation required.
  • Scalable to the limits imposed only by the SharePoint Online platform
  • Customisable via the underlying lists and libraries

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OnBase WorkView | Case Manager is a rapid case management application development platform


  • Enterprise offering with flexible billing (one-off | annual) and hosting (On-Premise | Private Cloud | Hyland Managed Cloud)
  • Built using Rapid Application Development tools with no coding required
  • Application creation can be accelerated further with the ‘WorkView Application Creation Excelerator’, which allows the application design to be created in Excel and then imported into the WorkView | Case Manager Studio. [The studio then auto-creates all entities (classes), their database tables, entity relationships as well as Views for each class. All that is required is the assignment of user rights to the various classes and views]
  • Applications are document management and workflow enabled


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