Are you struggling with manual invoice processing and data capture? Do you require better visibility of all stages of your AP process? 

Do you have manual accounts payable processes that are inefficient, prone to errors and suffering from lack of visibility? Are you searching for a system to automate processes such as data entry, approval routing and reporting to speed up your entire procure-to-pay cycle?


How do you speed up your Accounts Payable processes?

Betasoft Accounts Payable solutions reduce manual effort during the processing of incoming purchase invoices. Incoming invoices can be automatically captured, critical information extracted and routed to approvers and/or final document storage.

Solutions vary from simply managing the financial documents formally and securely to intelligent data capture, approval management and integration into your accounts and ERP system. AP Automation solutions can also deliver extensive reporting to help you understand they key metrics of your buying process. There are solutions for every budget.

High-end configurations can validate captured invoice information against data held in your accounts or ERP system. Where required this extends to posting approved invoices to the ERP or Accounts system.

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SMB Solutions

Betasoft solutions can capture invoices from a variety of sources, such as email, folder or scanner. The documents are converted to a text-searchable format and data is extracted using a variety of smart template-based methods. The data can then be posted to CSV or XLS files or indeed SMB accounts systems such as Xero.

Key Benefits:

  • Improve management and storage of incoming invoices
  • Automate extraction of invoice data – headers and footers only
  • Affordable



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AP Automation in the Enterprise 

Regardless of how your finance documents are received, Betasoft can capture, organise and deliver them, along with supporting content, to the appropriate individuals for review, coding and approval.

Users access invoices and related content from their familiar ERP application, Outlook inbox or mobile device, accelerating decision making and driving processes forward.

With real-time dashboards, managers have increased visibility into the status of invoice processing, easily identifying bottlenecks and adjusting workload distribution. Betasoft solutions automate several key AP business processes, including routing to appropriate business units, three-way matching and posting to accounting applications.

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Key Benefits of an Enterprise AP Solution

Reduce Operational Costs

  • Eliminate manual data entry by digitally validating invoices against data in the ERP
  • Reduce the cost of printing, shipping and storing paper
  • Lower the spend on costly ERP licenses and training

Enhance Visibility

  • Retrieve invoices, goods receipts and vendor contracts directly from your ERP
  • Provide insight into every stage of the AP process, from receipt through validation, approval and posting
  • Monitor progress, reassign tasks and identify areas for improvement with reporting dashboards

Increase Flexibility

  • Easily create and adjust workflows to satisfy complex business needs
  • Extend approval rights to non-ERP users without providing direct access to the ERP
  • Support and connect multiple ERP systems to one ECM platform

Increase Cycle Times

  • Achieve end-to-end automation by capturing invoice data as early as possible and integrating it with your ERP
  • Enable buyers and managers to approve, reject or research invoices at any time via computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet
  • Ensure invoices always reach the appropriate staff while enforcing control policies

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