Betasoft provide Office 365 Consultancy services that help organisations maximise the return on their investment into their Office 365 licenses.


Betasoft offer a range of consultancy services around Office 365 and Azure.

Those range from training (more here) to application-specific migrations and configurations. Betasoft consultants have experience of Microsoft technologies SharePoint Online, PowerAutomate, PowerBI and PowerApps.

For those just starting out on their Office 365 journey Betasoft can assist with migrating licenses, users, documents from their on-premise setup to Office 365 and Azure.

The range of projects Betasoft can assist with is limitless. We’ll illustrate a few past examples below.

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Example 1: Migrate Documents from a Network Drive to SharePoint Online

In this instance Betasoft were tasked to plan & scope, document and execute the migration of all critical documents from a number of network drives to SharePoint Online. This project was divided into two phases: ‘ ‘Planning and Scoping’ and ‘Implementation’

During the Planning and Scoping phase we looked at all of the clients critical documents and created a document topology. We defined document types for each class of documents and then each document type was assigned meta-data fields that further describe the information within the documents.

As part of this process we investigated the existing file stores and interviewed the users of all those documents. The result of this exercise was a comprehensive report, document topology and implementation proposal for phase 2.

In phase 2 we created all the required document infrastructure in SharePoint Online, including a termstore for document metadata. Document migration was not included as only new documents were to be stored in the new infrastructure.


Example 2: Developing new user interfaces for a Programme Management use case

In this case the client was seeking to move manual Programme Management processes into a more defined and automated SharePoint. Our task was to create new visual interfaces to surface data related and documents held in SharePoint Online.


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