Step 1: Office 365 – The easiest and lowest cost change you can make

Office 365 has been a focus of Microsoft of many years now. Betasoft migrated all users around 5 years ago and we have met all bar one success criteria: We still use Dropbox as an historic repository of information that we did not want to migrate but also could not delete.

Of all the Digital Transformation steps you can take this is probably the easiest and least costly.

  1. Move to O365 licensing
  2. Migrate all email accounts to Office 365 Email
  3. Remove old Office apps (Outlook, Powerpoint, Word and Excel) from all computers
  4. Install Office 365 Equivalents of the above applications
  5. Create basic document filing structures in SharePoint
  6. Install OneDrive client on every computer
  7. Synchronise Cloud folders with local computers
  8. Copy and Paste documents and folders from other file stores to OneDrive synchronised local folders
  9. Deploy Microsoft Teams to meet all all internal and external messaging and meeting needs


Ok, not all of these steps are straightforward and some require detailed technical knowledge and training. Where this is not available in house there are many Microsoft Partners out there willing to help.

Moving to Office 365 allowed all Betasoft employees with a home computer to simply shift their work from the office to the home with virtually no configuration changes.

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