Nuance release Ethernet Card Reader

Nuance have released specification and price of their new Ethernet card reader for SafeCom solutions.

This new solution will provide simplified ‘Swipe-and-release-all’ pull print functionality on any networked printer that does not support the embedded software. The reader and associated service requires SafeCom G4 520.10. This new release now automatically installs a new service called the Nuance Reader Maintainer service. This is used to monitor and control the readers. It comes with a micro card reader, a mini-ethernet-pass-through and a power supply, where POE (Power Over Ethernet) is not supported.

The printer needs to be added to the SafeCom Device Server as a generic device, unless it is a Xerox model, in which case that is not required. For it to work the port marked with a little printer symbol needs to be plugged into the actual printers and the other into the network.

The solution comes bundled with a SafeCom P:Go, Pull Print and ID license.


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