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I was recently asked by a friend for help with an app to allow her clients to book sessions with her. My first thought was Microsoft Power Apps. However, this is only really useful for internal users with a PowerApps license. In the office we then thought of Microsoft Forms in combination with Power Automate and an internal Power app to manage the bookings. This is when Iain piped up and suggested Microsoft Bookings. For those who are familiar with Booking services such as Calendly, Bookings is Microsoft’s answer to that business requirement. It is free with any Office 365 license and if you are committed to Microsoft and Office 365 it is a no brainer.

It is incredibly easy to setup, whether you have IT skills or not.

  1. Start with logging into your Microsoft Office 365 account and then expand your Apps sidebar on the left. You’ll find an entry for Bookings.



2. You create a new Bookings calendar

3. Give it a title, upload a logo and select from a list of Business types:

4. Next you either select an existing service of you create a new service you want your customers to be able to book:

5. Next you define the service availability:

6. Next you add users from your organisation who can be booked. Click Finish. At the end make sure that this can be booked by anyone outside of your organisation:

7. And that’s it! Share the link on your website or via Social Media.

8. In minutes you have created an entirely professional booking experience for your customers. the service works on any device and included all the functionality for the business to view and manage bookings and even take bookings over the phone and then add them through the management interface.

Your customers will receive an email with a booking confirmation and the option to re-schedule or cancel the booking.


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