Leading retailer integrates with SAP to improve AP and HR

The Challenge

Paper documents were costly and made it difficult for Clicks Group to maintain compliance with regulations. In fact, the leading retailer had a team dedicated to “archive diving” for AP documents, and even then it only found the correct invoice half of the time. 

Clicks Group needed a solution that could give it electronic access to information to improve compliance in AP and HR, while seamlessly integrating with the company’s SAP system.

That’s when it turned to OnBase by Hyland.

The Solution

Through OnBase and its integration with SAP, Clicks Group has eliminated the high costs and risks of storing paper and finding documents. The group also has stronger security and tracking, improving compliance with multiple regulations in departments across the entire company.

Integration with SAP makes retrieval fast and simple in AP

In AP, Clicks Group scans all invoices into OnBase and staff members access documents with a simple mouse-click within SAP. The tight integration allows Clicks to automatically connect documents and information in one secure, central location.

“Now staff immediately access more than 99 percent of invoices electronically. Users don’t even need to leave the SAP system to find them. They just click in SAP and the related OnBase documents pop up.”

– Paul Niemantinga, Director of AP Clicks Group Limited

“Barcodes with information from the SAP merchandise management system (MMS) automatically index documents without human interaction so it’s faster, cheaper and more accurate,” said Paul Niemantinga, director of AP. “Staff access more than 99 percent of invoices electronically, almost doubling the retrieval rate. They don’t even need to leave SAP to find them; they just click in SAP and the related OnBase documents pop up.”

Stronger security strengthens compliance in HR

In HR, Clicks Group sets specific security controls so staff members can only open files that they have rights to see. OnBase also automatically pushes documents to payroll, speeding the process.

Previously, if an employee went on leave or quit, the paper documents that had stated the last date of pay could get lost and couldn’t be tracked through processes. The organization might continue to have the employee on payroll and wouldn’t find out until a monthly reconciliation. Now, those documents are all in OnBase where they’re secure, tracked and automatically forwarded – so payroll is based on real-time information.

Extending the solution brings more value

Clicks Group has since expanded OnBase to include advertising files, legal contracts and other compliance documents.

“OnBase is scalable and easy to work with,” Niemantinga said. “Once we could show OnBase in one area, we could get others very excited. We chose a phased approach, encouraging end user adoption.”

The Difference

Integrates with SAP: Users find documents, invoices and information without leaving their familiar SAP system, increasing speed and accuracy.

Increases compliance across the company: Invoices, documents and information are all stored, managed and retained in accordance with South African laws and regulations.

Doubles retrieval rates to over 99 percent: Instead of relying on a team to archive dive to find information, staff members retrieve what they need with a few mouse-clicks.

Provides stronger security: Employees can only access documents and information with the proper rights.

Reduces paper and storage costs: Capturing paper electronically not only speeds processes, it reduces the cost of storing and shipping paper.

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