Kofax ControlSuite Maximises Print, Capture & Workflow Productivity

Kofax ControlSuite: Print, Capture & Workflow Productivity

The recent release of Kofax ControlSuite offers a host of different productivity and efficiency tools that can work across your business. What was once three separate applications, namely Equitrac, AutoStore, and Output Manager, is now one unified platform with a modular approach. After years of development and research, it is now available, which is why we wanted to explore its key features and benefits in this blog.

One Central Hub

The biggest appeal is primarily that it is a comprehensive software solution that allows business to manage print management, digital capture, and workflow control. Businesses can now manage, securely process, print, and store all the key documents in your business, without having to integrate separate systems with each other. By unifying basic business processes, you can rest assured that the printing, scanning, routing, and storing of your data and information is done in the most efficient manner.

The system brings together Equitrac, AutoStore, and Output Manager:

  • The Equitrac Module now has a more robust print management functionality, which includes a new mobile print capability, smartphone authentication, increased print security, and an improved dashboard to maintain visibility.
  • The AutoStore module now has increased authentication capabilities, including smartphone authentication, a more sophisticated mobile capture functionality, refined workflow analyses and new data extraction options (through OpenForms 360).
  • The Output Manager module also has enriched smartphone authentication, an enhanced mobile app, sophisticated deployment options, and the ability to scan or email any file.

Automated Workflows & Limited Manual Work

Automated workflows and intelligent business processes ensure that the right information gets to the right departments and people. Manual data entry is a thing of the past, which eliminates unnecessary mistakes and helps digitise your documents so you can comply with data protection regulations.

Automation also helps combat common security risks, as important documents pass seamlessly through your organisation, without falling into the wrong hands. Combine this with sophisticated audit trails, and you have full visibility into which documents are accessed and used and, more importantly, by whom.

Reduced Compliance Costs

Compliance costs continue to rise, especially for organisations that haven’t made compliance a central component of their operational framework. By introducing a robust and future-proof digital system that can ensure the security of documents and information, business can now minimise the impact that a potential compliance audit can have on their business. Not only does it facilitate a smooth audit process, but it provides another layer of security that allows you to grow without worrying about a data breach.

  • Automating user-centric print and capture policies to mitigate security risks
  • Simplifying and centrally managing mixed MFP fleets
  • Reducing hard print labor costs while increasing workforce productivity
  • Delivering images and data to disparate line of business applications such as document management systems, accounting applications, databases, ERP, CRM and other systems

Bring Mobile into The Workplace

Providing multi-device experiences is vital to any dynamic and modern workplace. Kofax ControlSuite offers a consistent user experience on a variety of different platforms, including a newly developed mobile app that allows business to manage print, capture, and routing remotely.

Easy Deployment & Integration

Kofax ControlSuite helps address the challenges of digital transformation with a simple and easy to deploy solution.

Quick to set up and integrate with existing systems, ControlSuite allows you to see instant results to your productivity and costs. Lower print costs, less admin time, and a decrease in operational inefficiencies all contribute to a flexible, fully operational system that adds value from day 1.

Find out more

Kofax ControlSuite offers real-time, reliable and fully automated workflows across document capture, print, output and mobile.

To discover more about the benefits, visit our product page.

If you’re interested in learning more about the practical uses and how it can integrate with your existing business structure, feel free to schedule a free demo with one of our experts.

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