Intranet Portal

Our intranet portal combines two key areas: The Organisation Portal which serves as a landing area for general intranet usage, and the Personal Portal which hooks in to various Office 365 services, as well as other SharePortals systems such as HR, projects, and more if added.  

Organisation Main Portal

Personal Portal

Portal Features

Navigation: Part of a suite which utilises consistent modern SharePoint interfaces and navigation across all portal areas.  Can also be used standalone either for small organisations, or where other SharePortals sites are not required.
Single-Pane-Of-Glass: The personal area pulls in information from other portals within SharePoint such as active project tasks, and also other areas of Office 365 such as the users own calendar, emails, contacts.
Modern Intranet: Share with all employees company news, events, live feeds from forums using simple to use responsive interface components to surface information.