Improving SafeCom Support: Real-Life Example

Last week, we posted a blog highlighting some key mechanisms for improving support for your organisation’s SafeCom deployment. Working with a support team that is neutral, yet innovative and knowledgeable are just some of the factors that would help to ensure any post-deployment support is efficient and effective. As a follow-on, we hope to provide some further insight into a real-life example of support initiatives undertaken by the Betasoft support team.


The client was a financial institution that has branches throughout the United Kingdom, who has installed SafeCom company-wide. However, a persistent performance issue occurred that lasted up to a year; employees were unable to access print jobs once authentication was complete.

Investigation and Reporting

As part of a two-day consultancy, the support team began to actively view the occurring issue and quickly realised that this bottleneck was more common than initially understood. In a two-step investigation procedure to analyse the existing process in more detail, the following steps were undertaken.

Step 1: Examination Stage

SafeCom Support

Step 2: Resolution Stage

SafeCom Support

It was established that a maintenance task running in the background was the cause for the ongoing issue. Upon finding the cause, the client was informed. The software provider, Nuance was also updated, who in turn provided the appropriate software patch.

Why Betasoft

From experience on-site, the Betasoft support team harnessed the importance of being scrupulous when examining a process bottleneck. Probing all ‘obvious’ and ‘non-obvious’ channels that may cause an issue in a SafeCom installation may take time, but would ultimately prove effective in the long-term both operationally and financially.

Knowledge transfer and experience are two major components that are equally important when providing SafeCom support. Having accomplished years of direct support experience, the support team took the previous knowledge from similar past scenarios to understand and interpret maintenance logs.

It is without a doubt that SafeCom is a robust yet heavyweight managed print solution, with ‘outside the box’ features that help an organisation’s print release process for the longer term. The Betasoft support team compliment such resolutions with an equally ‘outside the box’ rationale for companies in varying industry sectors in supporting and resolving other SafeCom malfunctions that include, job submissions, sluggish SafeCom database, SafeCom memory leakage and much more.

To find out how the Betasoft support team identified and fixed slow communication to a SafeCom SQL Server for a Global accountancy firm, schedule a call with our support team to learn more.

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