HR Portal

By utilising the collaborative power of SharePoint Online, our HR SharePortals template allows organisations to create custom solutions where needed, and keep information in one single place, integrating in to other systems as needed.

Portal Features

Performance Management Extension: Allows organisations to track and properly manage employees, integrating with other Office 365 components such as OneNote for taking meeting notes.  Document templates & workflows ensure consistence and data management are covered.
Policy Management Extension: Allows organisations to create and manage policy documents with approval processes to publish policies.  Create acknowledgement groups which ensure an audit trail exists for which users opened, viewed, and acknowledged a policy.  Reminders for those who don’t.  
Core Features: User onboarding / offboarding management, with integration options within Office 365 to rapidly provision or deprovision user accounts as needed.  Employees can find policies, see their performance history, request holidays, and more.