For many organisations Attendance Management is a critical area that is often still manual.

How can OnBase help with HR Attendance Management?

An OnBase solution can automate many processes, integrate with other systems, such as Door Access, Payroll, etc and provide extensive reporting facilities.

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Typical challenges in attendance management & solutions

Employees use online forms that form part of a process / workflow.

Requests are moved to an assigned manager’s approval queue.

Data that lives in our solution can be synchronised with third-party systems.

Data, forms and documents are stored and indexed in OnBase and become part of the employee record or file.

We can integrate with third-party door access systems and extract and process attendance information

Emails are automated. Requests are send to approvers through workflow.

Unauthorised absences are recorded in the OnBase system. Workflow is used to request information, reasons or approvals.

An OnBase solution holds all critical information about employees. Information that does not live in OnBase is integrated via a range of available connectors. OnBase dashboards can report on information held in different systems.

OnBase Reporting Dashboards are pre-build and can be customised with little training.

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