How does Invoice Automation work?

How does Invoice Automation work?

This blog will explore the key features of the Betasoft Invoice Automation system, which we recently did a video tutorial on.

Invoice Automation can help you eradicate common business inefficiencies so that you can streamline your operations. It will allow your business to step away from manual data entry and into the world of automated processes.

The Process

Invoice automation helps process invoices that your business receives from other companies (like external suppliers). Once it has been received, it will then be analysed, and the necessary information will be extracted from the document. Once complete, the purchase order number will be looked up in your accounts system and the details, like the reference number and balance amount, will be verified and checked with previous records.

What happens if this doesn’t match up?

If, for some reason, this does not match up to existing records and cannot be validated, the system will automatically pause the job and wait for a manual review. This presents us with a few options.

We can either reject the document, which will transfer it to a different process, or we can delete the document and send a chaser email to the client or supplier to a request a new invoice. However, it may just be a quick change that is easy to make.

For example, if there was an error with the reference number, we can manually update this so that the records match, which means the document will be re-verified, which should clear the error message. Once the invoice is submitted, it will show up in the system, along with all your other invoices. This makes it easy to keep tabs on all your outgoings and invoices, so that you can schedule these during your next accounting run.

Easy to use and maintain

Usually, invoices pass through the validation stage without a problem, which means this whole process occurs automatically, without the need for manual intervention.

It is only when there are issues with reference numbers or amounts that flags are raised, and these can normally be resolved quickly. These checks or ‘flags’ can be customised to suit your organisation’s needs.


Each Invoice can then be automatically sent to your designated CRM portal, for storage and recordkeeping. All the relevant information will also be sent to dedicated fields, which makes sorting and searching easier than ever.

In addition to this, OCR also means that each document is text searchable, which allows you to find the right information efficiently and quickly.

Watch the full demo

If you’re interested in watching the full demo video of our Invoice Automation system, please check out the video below.

If you want to discuss the system in more detail or look at applications relevant to your business, please sign up for one of our free demos today.

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