Since 2005, Betasoft has been known as an industry leader within the print reseller market.  Originally specialising in SafeCom professional services and support as a Master Partner, and subsequently expanding to other Nuance product specialisations.  More recently Betasoft incorporated Papercut in to our portfolio.

Nimbus 365 formed in 2015, and focused exclusively on Office 365 and Azure professional services.  SharePoint Online in particular has been a focal point for development of business systems.  By bringing this together with the history and digital capture elements of Betasoft, we strive to help businesses find the best solution in the era of Digital Transformation.

In October 2018, Nimbus 365 merged into Betasoft.

Steffen Gorgas
Mark Thomson
Managing Director
Neil Richards
Alliances Director
Fraser McMillan
Development Project Lead
Sarah Watters
Finance Manager
Iain Lennox
Digital Solution Architect
Douglas Parkhouse
Print Solution Architect
Richard Fairweather
Technical Consultant
Steven Clark
Technical Account Manager
Allan MacRitchie
Front End Developer