Case Study | Food and Beverage | Integrate with ERP

ECM increases cash flow by $1.5 million for food and beverage company

The Challenge

Paper was a problem for Berner Food, Inc. It had outgrown its storage space and sharing documents across the company’s multiple locations was slow and cumbersome. Manually filing and retrieving information cost staff valuable time.

Berner needed a solution that would integrate with the company’s existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) application without expensive custom coding. It also wanted a solution that could scale across the entire company.

Berner chose OnBase® by Hyland.

The Solution

Berner initially implemented the OnBase enterprise content management (ECM) solution in its Accounts Payable (AP) department. It only took about three weeks to implement the solution and Berner realized a complete return on its investment in only six and a half months.

Since then, Berner has expanded OnBase across the organization, eliminating paper and automating processes to improve efficiency and productivity enterprise wide.

“Physical files limited us to only searching in chronological order. With OnBase, authorized users at all five of our facilities can quickly search multiple criteria – invoice number, vendor name, any keyword they know,” said Pam Gesin, senior program analyst. “Not only is it much easier to find what we need, but staff don’t have to wait for information because it can be viewed by many people at the same time.”

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