Put an end to paper in the office

A simple little post to talk a little about paper in the office. We all receive letters, bills, invoices, bank statements, car insurance docs, home insurance docs, discount offers, letters, etc, etc. Most business (or individuals) try their hardest to file those in an orderly manner to have even the remotest chance to retrieve the relevant documents quickly when you need them. If documents are related, such as an invoice and a delivery slip, you might staple them together. But where is the original PO you sent that relates to those two pieces of paper?

If volumes are very small a good filing cabinet will do. A hundred every week? Not sure. Thousands of invoices every week? It’s becoming unrealistic to claim that you manage just fine.

An archive and retrieval solution based on OnBase by Hyland will give you options to scan and index paper documents. import individual scans, import entire folders or use an MFP/MFD client to capture paper into OnBase. Then there is manual indexing, semi-manual and intelligent capture. For those very high-volume users a Brainware solution will do magic with turning printed words into useful index or meta-data information.

A correctly defined document taxonomy and accurate indexing will provide you with wonderfully cross linked documents. You retrieve an invoice and if required up pop the related purchase order and delivery note.

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