Convert paper to digital formats with intelligent document classification, indexing and further integration into your document repositories or management systems; on-premise or in the cloud.


Your business continues to rely on important information stored on paper documents. This information is slow to retrieve and there is no audit trail of who accessed the information. Critical information is manually transferred to your business systems – a process that is time consuming and prone to errors.

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Integrate Paper Documents into Digital Workflows

You are looking for an easy and convenient process to digitise, manage and better integrate your paper documents with your other electronic systems.

Converting existing paper documents to digital files is one of the most fundamental elements of a Digital Transformation. Whether using scanners or multi-function devices Betasoft can provide solution from manual – low volume to highly automated and intelligent. Document classification and indexing options range from manual to fully automated.

Betasoft solutions integrate with a wide range of multi-function printers and devices. Workflows can add documents captured using hand-held devices or imported from network drives and folders.

Those solutions incorporate image enhancement technologies, information extraction all the way to automatic forms processing with validation and external system lookups.

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Use-Case: Mailroom Automation

The Mailroom is probably the place where most paper document arrive. Whether they are letters, contracts, CVs and applications or financial documents. Scanning and then automatically classifying, processing and routing the documents to the right destinations will ensure accurate delivery and storage, create an audit-trail and save time and manual labour.