Digital Mailroom Overview

Our Digital Mailroom solution is a unique and comprehensive data capturing method that will allow you to safely and accurately process, collect, and store information without the need for extensive manual intervention. Not only does this remove the need for arduous and outdated data entry work, but it makes the retrieval of documents easier and quicker than ever before. Digital Mailroom is particularly suited to organisations with large mail volumes, like large legal firms and councils, who need to capture and store these documents electronically in an efficient manner.

Digital Mailroom consists of two key elements: Nuance Autostore, which facilitates the capture of data and configures intelligent and dynamic workflows, and OpenForms 360, which automates processes based on pre-determined workflows. However, there are many more applications available that will ensure that you maximise ROI from your Digital Mailroom investment.

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Digital Mailroom Solution

The Benefits of Digital Mailroom:

By merging these two compatible products, you gain access to an elite suite of products that work effortlessly together to automate your vital data capturing and storage processes. The result is a tailored, highly-efficient, and scalable system that does the hard work for you. Furthermore, this state-of-the-art technology is customisable and adapts to challenging circumstances, as it is able to recognise even the most granular syntactical patterns in unstructured documents. For more information on our innovative Digital Mailroom solutions, please use the contact form above.

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Digital Mailroom