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Digital Mail Solution

There are plenty of businesses who are looking for an automated digital mail solution without the complexities and added functionality of a full-scale Digital Mailroom. This is why we also have a more basic digital mail solution, which will provide you with exactly the functionality your business needs.

We can accommodate your business needs regardless of your mail volumes. As a result, our Digital Mail solution is flexible and can be easily customised to your specific situation. It uses Autostore to capture all the relevant data from physical and electronic mail, which saves you time, money, and reduces the need for storing physical mail.

Plus, whenever your business does require more complex routing and workflow customisation, we can build this functionality into your digital mail solution, providing you with a solid infrastructure for future growth and expansion.

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Digital Mail vs. Digital Mailroom

Our Digital Mail solution differs slightly from Digital Mailroom as it focuses mainly on the data capture element of digital mail, rather than the workflow and processing component. As a result, this is a great basic solution for smaller businesses who aren’t necessarily looking for a complex system. While the difference may seem slight, it is essentially a distinction between larger enterprise offerings and solutions more suitable to SME’s and businesses handling smaller mail volumes.

However, if you are looking for something more comprehensive, why not check out our Digital Mailroom solution, which fuses Autostore and Open Forms to route your data through the rest of your business.

Are you looking for a refined Digital Mail solution for you business?