Prevent unauthorised data loss through print, scan or copy functions provided by your organisations print fleet.


Do you know how much sensitive information leaves your organisation through printed, coped or scanned documents? Even if your network infrastructure protects you from theft by external actors – can you be sure information is not being taken by your employees using printers and multi-function devices?

Kofax / Betasoft data loss prevention tools will help you monitor print, copy and scan functions and prevent sensitive information being taken without permission. Our tools allow you to configure rules that either redact the sensitive information, warn those users about what they are doing or stop those actions all together. Offending documents can be archived and users and compliance managers be notified.

Your users will see little or no difference when at the device. When they press copy or scan – and the document contains no sensitive information – the job will be completed. When they send a print job to a printer and all is good the job will be printed.