Kofax ControlSuite integrates print, capture and output management into a single solution. With ControlSuite, you’ll speed productivity, ease administrative work, minimize security breaches and reduce compliance costs, helping your business navigate the challenging landscape of compliance, government regulations and a mobile workforce.

  1. Robust Print Management – Kofax Equitrac
  2. Award-Winning Enterprise Data Capture – Kofax Autostore.
  3. Powerful Output Management – Kofax OutputManager

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Content Aware Print & Capture

Get greater visibility, security, governance and accuracy into your print, capture and output management workflows with a solution that answers “what” is being printed or captured beyond the standard why, when and who.

Advanced Mobile

Deliver the power of capture workflows to distributed workforces and enable secure mobile print, release, capture, authentication and access.

Best-in-Class Security

Secure all of your devices while ensuring communication protocols, using advanced information protection such as watermarking, and maintaining a chain of custody by tracking all print and capture activity.

Capture, Print Audit Trail & Reporting

Automatically track and govern all print activity with out-of-the-box reporting.

Kofax TotalAgility™ Integration

Integrate secure print management within business operations and business processes orchestration.

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