Betasoft Solutions take the pain out of managing your contracts and their associated tasks and lifecycles.


Do you have a high volume of contracts with employees, contractors, vendors and clients? Do you manually create, approve and sign contracts? Are your renewal dates stored in spreadsheets or external CRM systems? Do you spend too much time on document creation and approvals?
We have solutions to automate many of those tasks…
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Technology Options

SharePoint Template for Contracts Management


This SharePoint Contract Management System enables organisations to manage the lifecycle of all contracts across multiple divisions and departments. It allows you to:

  • Create new contracts based on templates.
  • Request draft approval or external approval.
  • Provide on-going management once contracts are approved.

Once a new draft contract document has been created or uploaded, the contract approval can be started. The contract type typically determines the related workflow which can be defined during approval. After approval, the contract document will appear in a list of pending approvals. Anyone responsible for approving the contract with then receive an email notification in order to review the document. Once logged in, you can review all the pending approvals that have been assigned to you in your dashboard. The format, layout and text of the documents are all customisable, and refer specifically to contracts within the contracts system.

This is an affordable solution for SMBs.

Hyland OnBase Contracts Manager


Hyland’s contract management solution equips personnel to make effective recommendations and better handle contract requests and related activities, consolidating all contract-related data and documents in one central place.

Hyland manages the complete contract lifecycle, automating predictable steps while empowering staff to complete knowledge-driven work. One complete view of all information, tasks, activities and correspondence increases employee productivity by eliminating the need to jump between multiple applications, spreadsheets or file shares. Meanwhile, reporting functionality and dashboard views increase visibility from day one through the life of the contract.