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BetasoftSharePoint OnlineWorkflow

How does SharePoint workflow automation work?

10/09/2019 0 Comments

SharePoint Workflow automation allows you to eliminate manual processes and errors from your business processes. They are often depicted as flowcharts, as…

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BetasoftSharePoint Online

How to Manage Policies Within SharePoint

09/09/2019 0 Comments

Each large organisation must update, maintain, and publish policies to meet constantly changing compliance regulations. These must often meet industry-wide, local, national,…

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BetasoftDocument ManagementSharePoint Online

5 Benefits of Using SharePoint For Document Management

07/09/2019 0 Comments

Document Management Systems are vital for modern businesses. A cloud-based DMS can help streamline this storing and processing of documents and makes…

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Managing Corporate News in Office 365

18/07/2019 0 Comments

How do you manage corporate news in Office 365? Information is central to every organisation, especially in an era of digital transformation….

How SharePoint Helps Small Businesses
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5 Ways SharePoint Helps Small Businesses

14/06/2019 0 Comments

How does SharePoint Help Small Businesses? There have been plenty of blogs and articles about SharePoint and how widely adopted it is…

Connecting existing SharePoint sites with Office 365 Groups
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Connecting existing SharePoint sites to Office 365 Groups

15/04/2019 0 Comments

How can you connect existing SharePoint sites to Office 365 Groups? Have you looked at Office 365 Groups and wanted to use…

hybrid sharepoint 2019
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Hybrid SharePoint 2019 – What’s new?

20/03/2019 0 Comments

Hybrid SharePoint Updates For business considering the move to the Cloud there are many options. Do you go full Cloud from day…

SharePoint Modern vs Classic Sites
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SharePoint: Classic vs Modern Sites 

11/02/2019 0 Comments

In this blog, we look at the vital differences between the classic and modern versions of SharePoint, along with some of the…