Betasoft Solutions is led by a team of seasoned IT entrepreneurs and professionals and provide a broad range of specialist document and process management solutions.

Who are Betasoft Solutions?

Betasoft Solutions are a group of companies specialising in document, print and content management and workflow solutions. Originally formed in 2005 to provide services around SafeCom Print Management software we have grown to add other print solutions as well as document capture, process and routing capabilities.

In addition, we provide development expertise around SharePoint Online and SharePortals – prebuilt SharePoint Online solutions. OnBase by Hyland is our platform for enterprise-class integrated document management (IDM) software that combines Workflow, document management, imaging, and enterprise report management technologies in a single, web-based Application.

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Maximise ROI on Office 356 and Azure. Discover our SharePoint Online ‘SharePortals’ templates and integration tools.

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Looking for technical support or a completely managed service? SafeCom, Equitrac or HP Access Control?


Document and content Solutions using OnBase. Human Resource and Accounts Payable transformations.

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