Betasoft adopt Hyland OnBase ECM

Every entrepreneur’s handbook will tell you that in order for your business survive you need to keep adapting to new markets, technologies and realities and that is just as true for Betasoft. As an early adaptor of SafeCom Smart Print solutions we became established and grew to where we are today – a team of great talents and a £2m business. But how to keep growing at that rate year on year when the market for print solutions is saturating, technology is simplifying and margins are being squeezed from the bottom? How do you keep a dedicated team satisfied and motivated? There is no doubt there will be a space for Betasoft in the higher-end of the print solutions market where enterprise skills are in demand or where customisation is required.

However, to keep growing and improving Betasoft and our offering a new solution needed to be found. Meeting Hyland OnBase was only a coincidence, but soon presented itself as a platform for Betasoft to grow and develop and to better utilise the skills we have in-house.

After 6 months or talking, negotiating, training and learning I am delighted to announce that Betasoft have partnered with Hyland Software to become one of only a small number of UK partners. There will be a great deal of focus and energy expended to make OnBase ECM a significant part of our business. I hope many of our existing customers will join us on that journey.

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