Betasoft is 12 – Reflections from the MD


Betasoft will be 12 years old in a couple of months from now and I am proud of what we have achieved. The team has grown – slowly but with quality and we have reached and surpassed some amazing financial milestones.

In 2005 when print management software was not as widely used as it is today. Betasoft started like your typical one-man-band – in a spare bedroom. I implemented SafeCom at a few universities (Imperial College in 2005 and Teeside and Brunel in 2006). The odd other small project kept the wolf from the door. We made money writing custom reports and followed that up with an off-the-shelf Safecom Advanced Reporting tool.

But the wolf kept knocking on the door. Being determined as I am I battled on – unable or unwilling to see the signs of failure. 2007 brought a large implementation at a Scottish local authority but also a demoralising – if temporary –  loss of a project at Leeds Metropolitan University. Their IT team decided to chose pCounter over SafeCom. When there are only a few deals on the go the loss of such a big one was disappointing. However, 6 months later and the total failure of pCounter to provide a stable server infrastructure gave me the chance I needed and now 10 years on I doubt anyone at the university has any regrets over their choice.

From then on things started to improve. Demand for print management software with security and accounting grew. Pull print slowly became the new standard for office printing. Business started to improve and I was glad I stuck with it. The business moved from the bedroom to into better premises – the living room! More big deals arrived – Toyota UK just one of them.

In 2010 I moved to a proper office. I just felt that I needed to get out the house more. The first employee as a part-timer. Then I hired Neil Richards and Mark Thomson.

So, what are we about today: I lead a team of experts who specialise in helping print resellers and key direct, end-user clients with secure print and document solutions that provide print security as well as document workflow capabilities.

With over 12 years of industry experience, working with several UK and Ireland partners, I seek and maintain long-term relationships with both partners and direct key enterprise and higher education clients.

My company endeavours to develop relationships with our customers that are focused on achieving long-term partnerships and goals. My colleagues and I aim to provide trusted advice and excellent hands-on technical support throughout the lifecycle of a project and beyond.

We place honesty professionalism over everything else. Doing the right thing for our customers is what matters. And that’s why I think we are still in business and are growing. I don’t worry too much about tomorrow. Next year and the year after (and so on) matter!

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