Autostore Features

Autostore is a leading, scalable server based middleware digital workflow technology which facilitates capture of data from a number of physical and electronic capture points such as scanners / MFDs, mobile devices, desktop, email applications, web forms, and more.

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Why Autostore

User driven input can be taken through: 

  • MFDs (Multi Function Devices)

  • Dedicated network / twain scanners


  • Client Desktop: Right click on any file and send to a workflow


  • Client Application: Select email / attachments within Outlook or Word and initiate workflow


  • Mobile devices: Natively within iOS and Android applications   
  • Server back-end automation input can be taken through polling:
    • Email mailboxes
    • Network folder locations
    • FTP directories
  • Utilise user identity on devices to personalise workflows and provide audit trail
  • Allows for managed end-to-end encryption of data from capture point
  • Error handling using alternative workflow pathways & alert notifications
  • Enterprise level OCR engine Omnipage included to extract data & create OCRed output
  • Utilise data from capture source or extracted during processing to create powerful workflows
  • Redaction of OCRed information on documents using predefined rules
  • Create scripts to further enhance the built in workflow controls
  • Route to a number of popular back-end DMS systems including:
    • SharePoint (local or online)
    • OpenText LiveLink
    • Autonomy Worksite
    • EMC Documentum
    • FileNet
    • Google Docs
    • Laserfiche
    • Many Others
  • Route to alternative destinations exclusively, or as well as DMS:
    • File server
    • Email server
    • FTP & HTTP
  • Create custom output with an electronic document & structured XML 
  • Use scripts to further extend integration in to other systems