Contact-less Printing

Although, the Covid-19 related restrictions are slowly being eased and offices are beginning to see life again restrictions and pre-cautions will stay with us form some time. Not every business is getting it right. Tesco for example disables every second self-service checkout point to provide a distance, but at the same time make you key in your card pin if you spend over £30 (Apple Pay is also not supported for amounts greater than £30). The same or similar considerations will be required for most businesses. No point keeping a 2m distance at the office copier when you need to touch the printer keyboard or touch display to release your print documents.

In the past it was perfectly acceptable to wave your ID card at the printer and then us the MFD control-panel to navigate to the print-release function and to select the jobs to be printed or to be deleted. Post-Covid, I guess this needs to change. Most Print Management solutions have mobile clients to assist with print-release and not only for print submission. Those apps let you identify an output device using a QR code and then let you choose what jobs to print and which jobs to discard. In most cases there is no extra license fee required to deploy those apps to your workforce and for the sake of everybody’s health, I guess this should be a priority as much as we queue at 2m distances outside supermarkets.

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